Material and form

For Angelina Kafka wearability and shape come first. Her focus is to strive for a harmonious interaction between material and form. You will rarely ever find one and exact the same piece of jewellery made by her, as every piece is handmade and given a unique finish.
Angelina Kafka adds a personal touch to each and every piece like finding the perfect stone to the matching material and making every piece as individual as their wearer.
The fan cut was specially designed by Angelina Kafka for the Fan Series of alja&friends and is being cut in different coloured stones. Based on this fan cut Angelina developed a collection of jewelry with coloured stones and transformed the design into a threedimensional wireframe which results in 3D plotted pendants.
“I love to work on a gut level. It’s a certain feeling that helps making decisions, how a piece of jewelry has to look like. Experiences, impressions, objects, forms or patterns lead me through my creative work. Making jewelry is a personal emotion that can be shared with others.”
Fotos: Julian Mullan
Material und Formensprache anhand der Fächerkollektion von Angelina Kafka

Artistic diversity

Künstlerische Vielfalt bei Deco Echo
The jewelry collection of the polish jewelry label Deco Echo is designed by more than 30 designers. The creative collective consists of well known artists as well as young talented designers, such as Anna Król. Once Poland was known for tradition of silver jewelry. Today it has earned an independent position of unique and modern jewelry design throughout Europe.
The artistic diversity results in different streams and trends and produces a fascinating, vast range of works.
Even though a large number of Deco Echo collections are worked in sterling silver, they are treated in different ways to obtain a wide range of structures and colours.
Besides precious metal the jewelry consists both of other materials, such as steel, titanium, stones, amber and unconventional materials like silk, leather, ceramics, chiffon, fabric and metal fibre threads.
It is the combination of the materials and the design of many individual artists that makes Deco Echo jewelry so outstanding.
Fotos: Deco Echo

Deco Echo Necklace-Bracelet_NEUNER

Care instructions


The best you can do with jewelry is to wear it. But everything we wear may look “used” after some time. Here are some recommendation how to treat your beautiful pieces the right way.
Especially organic materials such as amber, mother-of-pearl, wood and corals need to be handled with care. The surface may turn cloudy if treated with alcohol, which is a common ingredient of many cosmetics and perfumes.
So better take off your jewelry before washing your hands, applying perfume or any kind of cosmetics. Chemical products may harm the original appearance and catalyze the fading of galvanic coatings. Or small particles can get stuck in unreachable parts. An easy way to clean your jewelry is by gently washing it with a mild soap and a soft brush, rinse with warm water and dry it with a soft cloth. If necessary use a ultrasound cleaning system to loosen persistent durt. Oxidation marks can be removed in a gold or silver bath. Check first if other materials will be harmed by the bath.
Avoid any activities that mechanically or thermally can damage your jewelry, especially scratching. Swimming, sports in general, at the beach or working in the garden should be done without wearing jewelry.
When you are travelling or not wearing your jewelry make sure to properly store it. Fix loose parts (necklaces, bracelets), keep away from light (especially fabric and synthetics), store seperately to avoid scratching. If the coating or plating (like gold or rhodium plating or blackening) starts fading it can be renewed.
Check if all stones are well set by shaking the jewelry carefully. If there are any sounds noticeable, make sure an expert fixes it.

If you still have any questions or doubts don’t hesitate to consult an expert. Whenever you buy a piece of jewelry, make sure you get all the explanations needed concerning the right treatment of your acquird beauty!

Photo: ring and pendant from the Bubble Collection of alja&friends.

A summer breeze of freedom

Neuner Schmuck stands for curated design jewelry, craftmenship instead of mass production and jewelry for libertines – best represented by the goldsmith studio of alja&friends. The outcome of Chloe Potters attempt to embody this sense for freedom is a beautiful photo series which was taken by her in the outskirts of Vienna. The protagonists of this campaign shooting are expressive unique pieces of jewelry made by alja&friends. They tell stories about an attitude towards life which abounds with serenity paired with courage and pleasure in aesthetics.
That is why Chloe Potter staged the jewelry in a real muscle car and sent it on a road trip with the Dodge Charger 1969.
With these inspiring pictures we invite you all: dare to enjoy the freedom!

Photos: Chloe Potter


Ambivalent jewellery

As a jewellery designer Karola Torkos is interested to discover the different and sometimes contrasting aspects of a concept, idea or collection. Therefore she avoids seeing herself just as a commercial or just an artistic designer working in only one formal language.
Her current and ongoing projects of changeable/variable jewellery offers a huge playground.

“Giving the wearer the possibility to change the look of a jewellery piece is in some way handing over the last step in the design process.”

This is a challenge for both the designer and the wearer which results in a very personal relationship to design or art.
Photos: Chloe Potter

How to measure your ring size

For those who love to shop online here is an instruction how to easily measure your ring size at home.
If there is an existing ring that fits, it can be used to measure the ring diameter. Therefore place the ring on a sheet of paper and mark the inner diameter using a sharp pencil. By measuring the diameter with a ruler and multiplying the number with the factor 3,14 you will receive the circumference which is similar to the ring size.
If there is no fitting ring available, you can easily measure the ring size by using a paper strip or string.
To be able to measure the ring size using a paper strip, you will need a thin strip of paper and a ruler. Cut the paper into a thin strip and wrap it around the finger. Ensure that the paper is placed close enough to your knuckle. Mark the area where the paper strip meets, then use the ruler to measure the distance. The paper strip can also be replaced by a string, making a knot instead of marking the paper, cutting the string loose and measuring the length with a ruler. Both ways serve to measure the circumference of your finger.
Talking about “ringsize” it often indicates the circumference which is similar to the “larger number”. Multiplying the “smaller number” by 3,14 also leads to the ringsize.
Ringrroesse Schablone - ring size measuring DIY

Classy London jewelry


Matthew Calvin is a London based jewelry designer, having studied at the University of the Arts London jewelry design. Clean lines and hand crafted finishes give Matthew’s designs a modern edge while fine and quality materials along with fresh designs maintain a strong sense of femininity. Matthew finds his inspiration in the modern physical world around him and the way we each interact with it and each other. In Matthew Calvin’s collections you will also discover a subtle dose of humor – very british!

Matthew Calvin Blog_03

French Chic


Marion Fillancq is a french jewelry designer. Her work takes place between fashion jewels and unique contemporary works. Chic and Raw is her recurring theme, in collections inspired from archeology and stone age. Metal, crystal, mirror introduce an atypical universe, filled with meaning and elegance. A work which finds itself beyond the traditional code of jewelry.


The depth of sea and the colour white



Mirka Janeckova sees her jewellery as a container for wearer’s emotions, memories and hopes. It refers to the body in an abstract way, exploring the relationship between people and their subconscious mind. For creating her recent work she was inspired by surrealism, the colour white and the depth of sea. With her latest collection she is concentrating on using only “white” materials such as porcelain, silver, aluminium and silk to create playful, poetic pieces. White light contains all the other colours of the spectrum so for her it is a symbol of the unity. Mirka Janeckova experiments with hybrid metal-porcelain jewellery and tries to develop innovative ways of applying traditional metalsmith techniques onto porcelain such as casting and cloisonné enamel. In 2015 her collection of handcrafted porcelain jewelry was actually awarded for “The Most Innovative New Collection” by the International Jewellry London (IJL).
Photos: Chloe Potter

Majoral jewelry – spanish family matters

Neuner Schmuck Herbstkampagne Designer Majoral_280


The spanish brand Majoral jewelry emerged in the 1970s on the island Formentera, when Enric Majoral started his work in a family setting. Since then the workshop and business is run both by father and son – Enric and Roc Majoral. Surrounded by the beautiful nature of Formentera, Enric and Roc design and craft the collections in their workshop with a high demand for quality in the production process. Their philosophy is based on extracting the beauty of forms that are later transformed into jewelry over the skin, understanding jewelry as an important element of expression of the personal image. Majoral’s jewelry lines are packed with a silent but at the same time energetic way of life which takes place on the island of Formentera.

The pure and aesthetic expression of forms and the high quality of the manufacturing process are some of the reasons why Majoral has an important position in Neuner Schmuck’s curated selection of Majoral jewelry.
Photo above: Chloe Potter
NEUNER Schmuck Roc Enric Majoral crop

Mostlikely – Design made in Vienna



The Viennese design collective MOSTLIKELY Design Vienna – represented by Wolfgang List, Kurt Mühlbauer, Maik Perfahl, Mark Neuner and Robert Schwarz – occupy themselves besides architecture, computer graphics and music also with jewelry design. The 3D printed wireframe pendants are not only made for the ones who want to adorn themselves “smart like a fox” or “wise like an owl”. The MOSTLIKELY’s geometric wildlife is always an eye-catcher, no matter if you choose the penguin, rabbit, owl, fox or cat.